For years, the Mandeville family has hosted the Bozeman Maze off of Valley Center Road. It’s a fun tradition and something to look forward to each Autumn. Unfortunately, the Bozeman Maze announced on Thursday that they will not be operating for the 2020 season.
When asked why the maze will not be open this year, Dale Mandeville stated:
We've made the decision not to open for the 2020 season. With the unpredictability of our rapidly changing state and local regulations that could shut us down at any time, we can't risk spending the significant monetary and time investment that is required to open.
Traditionally, the Bozeman Maze opens for the month of October and features fun for the whole family.  They normally have a new maze every year with flashlight nights in the maze, mini train, spider jump bungee trampoline, corn box, pumpkins, hayrides, photo opportunities, cotton candy, and refreshments.

The Mandeville family began hosting the maze back in 1998, taking a few years off from 2002 - 2009. Since, 2010, though, the Bozeman Maze has been a fixture in the local community.

For folks interested in their straw bales, they will be selling them for $2 each at 1340 E Valley Center Road, five minute's west of Costco. There is an honor payment box on-site, so you can stop by anytime during daylight hours.

As for next year? Mandeville said it's too early to make a call on whether or not the Bozeman Maze will be back. Here's hoping that it will be!



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