It's one of our favorite days of the year. This Friday (Feb 3) is the day Girl Scout Cookies will start being sold around the Bozeman area. You'll be seeing Girl Scouts in front of stores and in your neighborhood for the next six to eight weeks, offering up the best cookies that money can buy.

Here Are 3 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Girl Scout Cookies:

1) Over 40,000 were sold last year in the Bozeman area.

2) The first girl scout cookie ever sold was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1933. A box of 44 cookies then cost .23-cents.

3) 25% of all girl cookies sold are Thin Mints. I actually thought that would be higher.

Enjoy those cookies! And remember the money raised stays locally and you're helping to power new and unique experiences for future women of the Bozeman area and Montana!

For more info one the Girl Scouts of America visit their website at



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