Starting next week, most households in the Bozeman area will start to receive their 2020 Census forms in the mail. For the first time, responders will be able to respond to the Census online as well as by phone and by mail. Most areas of the country are expected to respond online so most households will receive a letter asking them to go online to complete the census questionnaire.

The Bozeman/Gallatin Complete Count Committee is launching a mascot and brand to support the efforts of the Census in our community. “Max” a cheeky dog with floppy ears will be reminding residents to “Max the Count” during the 2020 Census. The dog, who is loosely based off Bozeman Police Chief Steve Crawford’s pup of the same name, is designed by local artist Seth Neilson and is a part of a larger effort to spread the word about the importance of the Census in Montana.

The Census is critical for the following reasons:

  • Getting accurate data for our fast growing area.
  • Helps to maximize the amount of federal funding available.
  • For every Montana resident counted, the state will receive nearly $2,000 per person each year in federal funding.
  • The $20,000 per person coming into the state over the next decade is used in every Montana county for medical assistance, educational programs, need-based support, infrastructure, highway planning and over 300 other programs.

More information about the Census activities in Montana can be found by clicking the button below.

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