Since early-June, nearly 1,400 coronavirus tests have been given to Yellowstone National Park front-line employees. Zero have come back positive, according to the park. These tests targeted National Park Service and concessions employees who are first responders and/or work directly with the public.

 Yellowstone Employee COVID-19 Testing Data

  • Total tests conducted to date: 1,499
  • Total tests with negative results: 1,378
  • Total tests with positive results: 0
  • Total tests with results pending: 121


Back in July, two Yellowstone concession employees tested positive for COVID-19.  Both have recovered, and their cases are no longer active. No other employees have tested positive in the previous four weeks out of a workforce of approximately 2,000. In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, the park continues to proactively quarantine employees who show symptoms.

Park Visitors

No visitors have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last four weeks in any of Yellowstone’s medical clinics. The park did not say how many tests they've given, but they have hosted approximately 1.66 million visitors since it opened on May 18.
Wastewater Testing
Wastewater testing continues inside several communities surrounding Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Montana. The purpose of monitor levels of COVID-19 in wastewater at the park’s most popular developed areas (Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful).
Recent samples taken from the Mammoth Hot Springs wastewater system indicated non-detectable levels of COVID-19. Samples taken from the Old Faithful system indicated near non-detectable levels. Visit Wyoming Department of Health Wastewater Monitor for details.
While wastewater testing for COVID-19 is a new technology and interpretation of the results is not well understood, the hope is that the testing will be useful to identify trends. Testing is expected to continue, at least in Wyoming communities, for a year to best protect public health.

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