I was busy shuffling through YouTube, and I came across a song called "Montana", and I got to thinking, "how many more YouTube artists write about our lovely state?"

I searched and found quite a few...the question is, would I listen to them more than once? Maybe one or two, but I will let you guys decide what you think.

First up, Daya sings about how she dreams of escaping the city lights and coming to do nothing in country in Montana. Sorry my friend...but the beauty is to great to do nothing when you actually arrive here. Check it out.

Now we have Ben Stillwater. He sounds pretty country to me, although I am pretty sure we have come a long with our video skills since this one came out.

Owl City is up next, another song about "getting lost in Montana" and "falling in love" in Montana.

I am gonna be honest...I have no idea what I just listened to with Frank Zappa. I have never had dental floss trigger me to write any song. If you can help me out, that would be great.

I feel like I have saved the best for last. The High Country Cowboys. Born and raised right here in Montana, their sound is just how country should sound. You can check their Facebook page HERE. You can catch them all over Montana spreading their country love.

There are more "Songs about Montana" on Youtube, if you want to see what else is out there. I just found it interesting that some of these artists have most likely never been here. Hence the reason some of them think "I'm going to go to Montana and just live off the land". Hard to do in heels driving a 2wd sports car. Just saying.

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