I love Oreos so much. And I'm happy with the flavors they have to offer me. But, if you've got a fantastic idea for a new "Oreo Creation," you could win $500,000! Time Magazine says, "Oreo is looking for creative, original flavors that evoke a "feeling of joy or deliciousness." Flavors should also "remind you of an experience that would inspire an Oreo cookie creation.""

Recently I have seen "Firework" Oreos in the store, which have sparkles and I guess, a little bit of heat. I have tried the Blueberry Pie flavor (just alright), the Strawberry Shortcake flavor (I liked it better), Pumpkin Spice (not bad, definitely reminiscent of pie), and I love me some Double-Stuffed Oreos.

I would have loved to try 2013 flavor Banana Split (one golden wafer, one chocolate wafer, and strawberry & banana filling), and the 2014 flavor Limeade (two golden wafers with lime filling) sounds pretty good. Check out these 22 Oreo Flavors from the past.

The contest is underway, and ends July 14th. The top 3 flavors will be chosen, released for a limited time, and the grand prize winner will get $500,000. Good luck!

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