If there is one thing that you should be excited about, it's the stellar cast for this TV show. 

The show Yellowstone is a massive hit with Montanans and people nationwide, so it makes sense that they've been expanding the Duttons' story. The first prequel series 1883 showed the Duttons moving to Montana and establishing their empire.

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Another prequel series, 1923, is currently filming in Butte and has recently announced some new and exciting additions to the cast.

If you don't know, two Hollywood legends, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, will be starring in the 1923 series. If these two were the only cast members, that alone would be exciting, but the other cast members have us thrilled as well.

Deadline reports that 1923 has welcomed Robert Patrick and James Badge Dale to the cast. Robert Patrick is famously known as the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day and will play a sheriff who is friends with the Duttons. James Badge Dale, who has been in The DepartedIron Man 3, and countless other TV shows and movies, will be playing Harrison Ford's nephew. 

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Both Robert Patrick and James Badge Dale can bring atmosphere to a scene, and I think they'll be able to even further elevate the show. Hopefully, they can explore Montana while they're here filming and make a stop in Bozeman. 

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Many folks hope this is not a limited series like 1883 and lasts more than one season. The sheer talent in this cast and the storyline itself is worth a few seasons. Make it happen!

1923 is set to premiere this December on Paramount+

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