A rainy weekend brought lots of water to SW Montana, Yellowstone Park, the Absarokas, Salt and Wyoming Ranges. 6 more inches of snow is possible for the higher elevations.

Driving conditions may be quite sloppy in and around Yellowstone National Park through at least Tuesday morning. More snow is expected in the area, along with the Absarokas.

(Most of northwest Wyoming has some sort of weather alert or special weather statement in effect through at least Tuesday morning.)

  • WHAT: Special Weather Statement in effect for additional snow and potentially hazardous driving conditions.
  • WHERE: Yellowstone Park, the Absarokas, the Salt and Wyoming Ranges
  • WHEN WILL THIS TAKE PLACE: This weather statement is in effect from Monday evening (4/26) through Tuesday morning. Some alerts are in effect until 6pm Monday evening.
  • More snow is expected throughout the entire statement area, with the higher elevations above 8,000 feet potentially getting 6"
  • Generally, the region will see and additional 3 to 6 inches more snow
  • In addition, significant temperature swings are possible during this Statement period. Rain and snow are both expected Monday evening, turning to all snow overnight into Tuesday morning.
  • MOST of Yellowstone National Park lies above 6,000 feet
  • The Northern Region and particularly the area near the North Entrance are the "driest" areas of the Park and less likely to see heavy snowfall under a broad Advisory or Weather Statement.

No matter what time of year, always keep that emergency kit up-to-date in your vehicle. Check the basics often, such as tire pressure, wiper fluid and wiper blades. Always have an extra phone charger in your vehicle too...a dead phone battery won't help in an emergency! Be safe out there and enjoy...

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