Make sure you plan this spring or summer if you are going to the oldest national park in America because there will be some events you might want to check out.

USA Today is reporting that for the 150th Anniversary of Yellowstone National Park, park officials have quite a few exciting events planned this spring and summer. Due to COVID-19, Yellowstone National Park hasn't held any large-scale activities, but this year will be different. 

Yellowstone National Park plans not only to look at the past but at the future of the park as well. One of the neatest aspects that they have planned is to involve many Native American Tribes in several of the activities. Native Americans lived in the area for thousands of years before Yellowstone became a national park. 

Yellowstone will be having activities planned near the Roosevelt Arch with a Teepee Village, Old Faithful's Visitor Center will turn into a Tribal Cultural Center, and more are still getting figured out.  

Yellowstone National Park is held by many Native American tribes as a sacred area, and this is a great move by the park to bring even more education to those who visit Yellowstone. 

Last year, Yellowstone National Park crushed their attendance record with almost five million visitors. Yellowstone could easily break that record again this year with their 150th anniversary. Adding these features to help further educate Americans on what Yellowstone was like before it became a park and getting direct involvement from Native American tribes is genius. 

For more details, check out USA Today

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