Fires continue to burn throughout Yellowstone National Park. The cooler weather over the holiday weekend helped to slow the progress of many of the fires. Typical fall weather conditions are predicted for the rest of the week with sunny, dry, breezy days and cool nights. As fuels dry out after recent rains, fires are likely to become active again in the coming days. Fire managers will monitor the Fawn, Central, and Jasper fires by air today.

About one-quarter inch of rain fell on the Maple Fire yesterday, slowing fire spread. Large logs continue to smolder. The fire is expected to creep today in isolated areas that were protected from rainfall. Fire managers are evaluating the need to employ burnout operations along the western edge of the fire to strengthen control lines and reduce fire spread during warm and breezy fall days.

On the Buffalo Fire today, firefighters will be working on the east side where the fire crossed Slough Creek. The fire has not crossed the Slough Creek Trail.

Recent rains have improved air quality, which is expected to be GOOD throughout most of the area. In the Duck Creek area, heavier smoke concentrations may continue in the morning as fuels continue to smolder, leading to MODERATE air quality.