We asked the XL Nation this week if you will take the new COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available, and the overwhelming answer was no. Nearly 1200 people took the poll, and here are the results below.

Credit: Crowdsignal
Credit: Crowdsignal

Several national polls have put the number of people willing to take the COVID vaccine at about 60%

Montana is reportedly one of the first states receiving the new COVID-19 vaccine, with some healthcare workers possibly able to take it as early as next week. Here is what some people had to say about taking the vaccine on the XL Country Facebook page:

"No, unless I know the exact side effects of it and if I can stop with the masking.
I don’t even got to a restaurant when it first opens. I want to give them time to figure it out and get their service and cooking figured out. Same thing with the vaccine. Get it right." - Megan
"I'm pro vaccine all the way however this was rushed and my family and I will wait it out til more studies on the effects of it are released." - Cait
"I’m looking forward to taking this vaccine. +90% efficacy is pretty awesome. I have friends who participated in the trial and said there were mild side effects almost similar to the shingles vax including body aches and fatigue. I’ll take that over Covid anytime - even a mild case given the organ damage and long term effects this virus seems to have." - Mary Ann
"If you don’t develop immunity from having Covid itself why would you want to take a vaccine that is rushed through, experimental, untested and possibly has new technology to track your vaccination history embedded in it (this information came from MIT’s own website)." - Shasta
"Absolutely! I'm actually really encouraged by a couple things. #1, even though it's a new vaccine, the mRNA technology has been in development for several years. That means, as more new viruses arise, we can piggyback those new viruses on the same technology, and have vaccines ready very quickly!" - Emily

Montanans could possibly be getting a vaccine for COVID-19 before Christmas. Will you take it? Please answer our poll question.

Posted by XL Country 100.7 on Monday, December 7, 2020

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