Since the Damm baby has arrived my life has changed dramatically.  Not just the poop and the spit up, but the lack of sleep and time!  Last week I was talking about changing my first diaper, which was a relatively good experience.  I asked for some feed back on Facebook when it comes to crappy stories.... Ask and you shall receive!

I find these two stories to be pretty funny.  While I know at the time it was probably slightly horrific.  Which is worse a trail of poop throughout Wal-Mart or a Dad who almost pukes every time he changes a diaper?  Let us know in the comments which one you like more, or if you think you have a better story!

Amanda Writes: OH YOU JUST WAIT...newborn diapers are NUTHIN' I'm on my third child, and the worst was just recently. We were shopping in Walmart, the oldest in one cart with hubby and the little two in another cart with me, we had stopped to debate about a purchase and the boy (our littlest) decided to pick that moment to start dumping the bubble bath out of the cart onto the floor. Hubby freaked out about that...but I didn't bat an eye because I was focused on what was running out the other end of the child...all down his legs all over the cart and onto the floor. A foul smell was quickly spreading in the vicinity and all I could do was dump all the items to purchase out of that cart into hubby's cart and rush with Mr. Poopy, the middle child, cart and all out of the store to the car ....Leaving hubby to clean up the trail of mess, purchase the stuff, and come out to the car where he found me with a nasty half naked baby boy standing in the cart and poop everywhere. He had to go back in and buy diapers and wipes and a bottle of water and come back out to help clean up the huge mess before we could leave. Moral to the story...wipe down the Walmart carts before you shop with them. SORRY EVERYONE!

Natosha writes: well we are on our 4th baby who is now 3mo and a boy! woohoo! i would have to say our most horrific story about diaper duty is not even about how awful the inside of the diaper was but about my husband. i had just had our first daughter, she was maybe a week old, i went in to take a shower and when i got out my poor baby was screaming, i rushed to see what the problem was knowing i left her with her dad and the sight i saw was awful! my husband had her on the changing table, he had a towel around his head, one hand on her chest he was gaging she was screaming poop everywhere! my poor baby was tramatized and no im not talking about my husband either, lol. Yesterday i was feeding the baby and our 3rd daughter had a joyful treat in her diaper so i looked and it was hard enough that he just needed to remove wipe and trash, well as a mom i guess easier said than done! she lays down he is all prepared, shirt over face and he opens up, gaging, tears really! how did we make it through all of these kids and not loose a husband along the way? thatss right all the hard work and dedication of this poop wielding momma! let me tell ya the look on my daughters face of utter disgust, that her daddy could act that way about what was in her diaper was priceless. so all i have to say is good luck! hope you manage a bit better than my husband has! lol

Thanks for the feedback and luck ladies!  I think I might need it!

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