A 50-year-old woman missed a corner and left the trail on her snowmobile, striking a tree and injuring her shoulder, back, and face. According to the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office Search & Rescue, the accident occurred on Saturday around 2 p.m., on the Two Top trail system about 4 miles outside of West Yellowstone.

A news release stated that Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue members in West Yellowstone reached the patient on snowmobiles with a specialized snow ambulance.  Due to the seriousness of her shoulder injury, they placed the woman on a backboard so she was seated on the back of the rescue snowmobile.

SAR members transported the woman to West Yellowstone, where an ambulance was waiting from the Hebgen Basin Fire Department. She was then transported to the Big Sky Medical Center.

On Thursday, Search & Rescue was involved in another snowmobile rescue when a rider got stuck in the backcountry on the Big Sky trail system about 16 miles northwest of West Yellowstone.

The man was all alone and did not have gear with him to survive the night outdoors. Fortunately, he did have cell service and was able to call out to 911.

Gallatin County Sheriff Search and Rescue members also got stuck in deep snow trying to reach the man. Eventually, all were able to get out of the deep snow, and the snowmobiler was able to ride out of the backcountry on his own.

Remember, when heading into the backcountry, whether on foot or snowmobile, make sure to pack adequate supplies should an unforeseen accident or situation occur. RoadTrackandTrail.com says your top priority when participating in winter sports is to keep yourself adequately insulated against cold temperatures.

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