There are indeed strange times that we are living in.

I'm not sure anyone could have predicted what we are seeing across the state of Montana.  Folks are struggling to find affordable housing, yet there are jobs galore and businesses are struggling to employ a full staff.  So here is my question for you to ponder.

Because of the employee shortage across Montana, is it still ok to complain about bad service? Or, should we give businesses a pass?

We've all heard the stories, and here in Bozeman, it's become a regular thing. Businesses are reducing their hours, or closing down for a day or two to give the employees they do have a break. Throw in the fact that we live in an area that thrives on tourism, and that can result in long lines and wait times, which can result in short tempers from customers.

Large group of people waiting in line

So, once again, would you complain or would you give them a pass?

For me personally, I'm going to go with the pass.  Sure, it's inconvenient for customers, but we have to keep in mind that most of these folks are doing the very best they can with the limited resources that are available. Can you imagine working hard AND having to deal with bad attitudes from customers?  I certainly couldn't do it, so I tip my hat to them.  Speaking of tips, maybe throw a little extra their way for showing up and giving it their best.

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