For a whole lot of Montanans snow on the ground is just part of Christmas.  Of course, of late, we've had some unseasonably warm temperatures, and several Montana towns have yet to see a significant amount of snow.

This isn't the best news for all of us who enjoy skiing or the ski resorts themselves.

For some, the idea of no snow is welcome, however, there is something magical about waking up on Christmas morning with the presents under the tree, the holiday lights glowing, and looking outside to see a blanket of snow.

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Of course, this leads many of us to wonder if will we see a White Christmas this year in Montana. According to one publication, some Montana towns have a much better chance than others.

The folks over at Bet Carolina have come out with their predictions for snowfall over the Christmas season here in Montana, and while many towns have an excellent chance, others might want to start doing a "snow dance".

Before we take a look at the White Christmas chances across the state, lets check out the best spots to spend Christmas in Montana.

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As far as the state of Montana goes, the site predicts that there is just over a 56 percent chance for a White Christmas, however, there are certain towns and cities that have a much higher chance.

Both Bozeman and Whitefish have a 91 percent chance for snow on Christmas, however, other popular Montana locations are much lower. Missoula is looking at a 65 percent chance, while Billings and Great Falls have a 43 percent chance for a White Christmas.

What about you? Are you hoping for a Montana White Christmas? Let us know by sending us a message on our radio station app.

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