There's an internal war being waged in the country genre right now, with Zac Brown saying he is ashamed of the genre and calling Luke Bryan's new track 'That's My Kinda Night' the worst he's ever heard, despite espousing his love for the singer.

Jason Aldean quickly leapt to Bryan's defense -- even Justin Moore weighed in, taking issue with Brown calling out someone in the "same fraternity." The latest singer to enter the ring on the discussion? Singer-songwriter Will Hoge, who offered his two cents and pretty much schooled 'em all!

He tweeted:

If that doesn't put a period at the end of the sentence, then nothing else will. Hoge has a point -- all this tit-for-tat over who is more country and who thinks someone else's music sucks is pointless. It's really up to the fans and those blue collar workers who are, well, "countrier" than the rest!

The people Hoge mentions? Those are the fellas, females and the folks who make up the real fraternity in country music.

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