The wait is almost over.

Saturday is a big day in Bozeman. By now everyone is aware that the Montana State Bobcats are hosting the South Dakota State Jackrabbits at Bobcat Stadium and the winner will go on to play in the National Championship Game next month.

Obviously, a whole lot of Bobcat fans are asking Santa to bring them a National Championship for Christmas this year, but a case could be made that Griz fans should join in with the Bobcat faithful.

Hear me out on this before you write how I've lost my mind.

The last time the state of Montana had a National Championship in football was 2001, so 20 years ago. Most of the players on both teams were either still in diapers or hadn't been born. Winning a National Championship is good for the whole state of Montana.  It would help recruiting efforts for both schools and would bring a spotlight to Montana football.

While I certainly wouldn't expect Griz fans to go out and buy a bunch of Bobcat gear to wear on Saturday, cheering for a Bobcat win against South Dakota State makes sense.  It raises the bar for both programs.  It intensifies an already intense rivalry. It helps keep Montana kids in Montana going to Montana schools.

Think about it for a moment before you dismiss it as being crazy talk.

I understand that both fan bases want their team to win.  I understand that cheering on your biggest rival to win seems ridiculous.  However, winning begets winning.  Imagine both programs rising to the occasion and competing year in and year out for Championships.  Heck, imagine both teams playing each other for a National Championship.

We all know how insane the Brawl of the Wild is, imagine the Brawl of the Wild PLUS playing each other in the playoffs?  I'm not sure the state of Montana could handle that type of excitement, but how fun would that be?  The first step, beat the Jackrabbits tomorrow.

Go Bobcats!

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