If you've been under a rock the past two days, ESPN's College Gameday announced that they will be setting up their weekly show here in Bozeman for Brawl of the Wild on Saturday, November 19th. The massive announcement has many giddy with excitement, and we can't blame them. 

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College Gameday has been a college football tradition for almost thirty years, and this will be the first time the show has ever been to Montana. The crew, consisting of Kirk Herbstreit, Pat McAfee, Desmond Howard, Rece Davis, and Lee Corso, will be taking the stage to pick the winners of all the top-profile games this weekend. 

Credit: Montana State Football via Facebook

One entertaining aspect of the show is that they bring on a high-profile guest. The guests are usually celebrities or former athletes who went to the school they are showcasing. Guests this year have ranged from Peyton Manning (Tennessee) to Luke Combs (Appalachian State). 

So who will be the special guest this Saturday at Montana State? 

Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images
Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images

While the show could go in several directions, these are our guesses for College Gameday's special guest:

  • Dane Fletcher—He's Bozeman born and a Bobcat legend. Fletcher also played in the NFL for several years. 
  • Jan Stenerud—Former kicker of the Bobcat football team, Stenerud was the first kicker elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Jan is also one of the few players whose number is retired by the Bobcats. 
  • Waded Cruzado—Who wouldn't want to see the President of Montana State chat with College Gameday about how amazing Montana State is on the national stage?

These are a few of our best picks for the show on Saturday. College Gameday could pick high profile celebrities that live in the area, like Jeff Bridges or Bode Miller, but they need a guest that loves the Bobcats. 

Who would you like to see show up on College Gameday on Saturday? 

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