Many of us were excited when it was announced that Texas Roadhouse would open here in Bozeman.

The wildly popular chain is known for its laid-back feel while serving delicious food. The menu is filled with steaks, chicken, ribs, seafood, burgers, Texas-sized meals, and their famous Texas Roadhouse rolls. Plus, the prices are decent and they have a nice kids' menu as well, which makes it family-friendly.

When the news first broke, it was announced that construction would start over the summer and the restaurant would be open by November of 2022, however, that hasn't been the case.

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It's been a popular subject on the internet with threads on both Reddit and The Real Ask Bozeman, folks want to know what's happening and if the restaurant is still coming to town.

Credit: Texas Roadhouse via Facebook
Credit: Texas Roadhouse via Facebook

So, I headed over to the Texas Roadhouse website and clicked on "careers". Currently, there are two Bozeman jobs being posted on the website, the company is in search of a Service Manager and a Kitchen Manager. The website states that the address of the restaurant is 865 Harmon Street Blvd, which will place Texas Roadhouse in the area between Rosaures and Kohls.

Credit: Texas Roadhouse via Facebook
Credit: Texas Roadhouse via Facebook

The good news is that it appears that construction has started, and the rumor on social media is that folks of Bozeman can expect a Fall opening. So, is there an actual date scheduled? We've reached out to the company in order to get a date, and will update you as soon as we've heard back from them.

Currently, the only Texas Roadhouse in Montana is located in Billings.

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