Most of us have had a bad job or two over the course of our lives, but have you ever had a job that made the "Worst Job" list? According to this list, I have, and depending on what you do, you may have as well.

So what qualifies a job to make the worst job list?

According to USA Today, there are several factors including how dangerous the job is, the amount of stress that comes with it, and public scrutiny. Now keep in mind, they put the list together before the pandemic, however, I would argue, if anything the public scrutiny has only increased for several of the jobs making the list. That would mean they are even more unpleasant now, prior to 2019.

While we won't go down the whole list, we will hit on a few that relate to Montana.

Food Server.  We all know that help is hard to come by right now in Montana and the foodservice industry has been hit very hard. Many restaurants are closed on certain days or have reduced their hours simply because they don't have enough help.  Throwing in the fact that it makes the "Worst Job" list, doesn't help the recruiting process.

Welder.  Montana has a whole lot of farms and ranches, which results in a whole lot of equipment with moving parts. A top-quality welder can make a whole lot of money, but it can be a physically demanding job and here in Montana, often requires folks to be exposed to the elements.

Auto Mechanic.  There might be some truth to this one.  Recently, my wife's SUV started doing something weird and it took me several phone calls to different mechanics to get someone to answer the phone.  It seems that those that are still in the industry, are extremely busy and can't keep up with demand.

A Handsome mechanic job in uniform working on car

Construction Laborer.  Business is booming across the state as far as construction goes, especially in places like Bozeman and Missoula.  So, why would a construction worker make the list?  According to the report, because they are underpaid when considering the physical toll it takes on the body.

Radio DJ/Broadcaster.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  I mean, it's always an honor to be nominated, but I'm not sure I want my profession to make the "Worst Job" list. The reason? Technology and other media platforms.  Although, I will tell you they've been predicting the death of radio for years, and they've been wrong every time. Smart radio companies are the ones that are embracing all aspects of media and providing their clients and listeners with multiple options.

Retail Sales.  Some folks are meant to work with the public, and others aren't.  It usually doesn't take long to figure out which group a person belongs in. Plus, with the rise of online shopping, many businesses are struggling to keep people on staff and the pandemic has done nothing but add to that.  Low pay and grumpy customers are another reason this makes the worst job list.

And finally...

Logging.  Everyone knows that Montana has trees, in fact, we have lots of them.  For decades, logging has been big business in the state, and while that has decreased over the years, there is still a fair amount of logging taking place in Montana. The reason that logging is so high on the list (coming in at number 2 by the way) is because of the danger of the job.  It ranks as the 2nd most dangerous job and the average pay is right around 40 grand a year. While you get to work with chainsaws, which seems super cool, there is also the outdoor element factor that adds up.


For those of you that find yourself in one of the jobs listed above, let me say "Thank You".  I certainly appreciate you and all that you do. It's never easy doing something that no one else wants to do, so for those that are out there making it happen, congrats my friends...oh and maybe ask for a raise.

Credit: USA Today

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