Every weekday morning, we have the "Question of the Day" where we ask our radio listeners a question, and they answer.  Recently, we asked the question, "What is something you have little or no patience for?"

I was genuinely curious as to what Montanans had to say about the subject. I mean, we all have that one thing, right? That one thing pushes our buttons, or just completely sends us right over the edge. For many folks, that might be the same thing, for others, it might be completely different.

Personally, I can't handle rudeness...or slow drivers...or entitlement...ok, so clearly I have more than one.

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So what about other Montanans? How did you respond? What is the one thing that really just drives you crazy? Let's take a look at what you said.

Montanans Hate, Hate

Several people responded that the one thing that they don't have patience for is hate. I would have to agree. I just don't understand how anyone can "hate" anyone. I mean, I understand that there are folks that you might not want to hang out with or be around, but to actually hate someone? What a ridiculous waste of energy.

Thumb down or dislike button on keyboard.

Montanans Don't Like Bad Drivers

Many Montanans said the one thing they have little or no patience for is bad driving. Listen, as I mentioned above, I completely understand. From driving too slow to folks that run red lights, Montanans aren't ok with bad drivers. In fact, a frequent response was driving slow in the left lane OR getting in the turning lane when you don't need to be in the turning lane.

Men arguing with each other from their vehicles while driving

Montanans Aren't Fans Of Folks Who Lack Common Sense

A whole lot of Montanans have zero patience when it comes to those that lack common sense.  Just for the record, we've included the terms "stupid people", "idiots", and "dumb-dumbs" into this category as well. It can be difficult dealing with these types of folks, however, it certainly seems like they're here in abundance.

Male stupid face european driver is opening his mouth

There were several other answers. From those that are cruel to animals to children that misbehave in public, from cheaters and liars, and tourists to those who litter, Montanans let their opinions be known. So, do you agree with what other Montanans are saying? Do any of these bother you?  Let us know on our social media, we would love to hear from you.

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