We all have our favorite spots to grab some delicious grub. Maybe it's the cafe you have gone to your whole life. You know the type, where the owner always comes up to you and says, "I remember when you were just a baby", and now you are 36 years old with a couple of kids of your own.

Perhaps it's a new spot that just opened and you have discovered the "best eggs benedict in the entire world".

Either way, if you love food, Montana has an abundant amount of options for you. This cafe takes the win when it comes to Montana's best "Mom and Pop Restaurant".

Old Schoolhouse Cafe In Dillon, Montana was chosen as the "Best Mom and Pop Cafe in Montana". -Love Food

According to the website Love Food, The Old Schoolhouse Cafe takes the cake for best in America. You can grab breakfast or lunch at the cafe and you won't be disappointed.

A one-room, brick schoolhouse that is now one of Montana's favorite spots to stop for home-baked goodies, hot sandwiches, and a good ol' hearty breakfast.

This little cafe doesn't just serve up a delicious meal; you can also grab some homemade crafts, jewelry, mugs, and hand-crafted quilts. Old Schoolhouse Cafe is literally your one-stop shop when visiting Montana. Add it to your list of stops on this summer's road trip.

Just outside Dillon in the cute town of Dell, you will find Montana's Favorite Mom and Pop Cafe. Directions are below, click the link.


cc: Lovefood Website

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