Even with the employee shortage and rising cost of living, it's not deterring any new businesses from coming to the Bozeman area. 

If you were driving on Main Street near 8th Avenue, you might have seen a big truck and a crane near the old Scoop Bar location. The crane was either for one of the neighboring businesses or is something happening at the Scoop Bar, and if it's the latter, that has me excited. 

The Scoop Bar used to exist right on Main Street located in between Maven's Market and Bagelworks. Sadly, The Scoop Bar officially closed down in May of 2021, and many locals were heartbroken. Not only was the Scoop Bar one of the few places left in Bozeman where you could get drinks at an extremely affordable price, but was also part of the infamous Bar-muda Triangle(Haufbrau and the Molly Brown Bar). It was a place where folks could go bar to bar in a tiny area and have a great time. 

The thing is, what will be next for the Scoop Bar? That real estate on Main Street is exclusive and prime for any sort of business. The thing is, I hope another bar goes into that location and helps bring back the Bar-muda Triangle. That whole area was a part of Old Bozeman that people loved, and I want them to bring it back. 

Then again, maybe the Scoop Bar might be suited for something different to fit the new businesses around that area. From Maven's Market to Buff City Soap Co. and others. 

It's a great opportunity. 

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