In your worst nightmares are you not only naked in the office, but not wearing makeup? Can you name over 50 different shades of red and have the lipsticks to prove it? Do you know all of the best products to thin your brows and plump your lips?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it might be because you live in one of the top 10 most beauty-obsessed cities, according to women’s magazine InStyle and FourSquare.

It turns out, if there’s one city in the United States where women are glued to mirrors, piling on all the latest bronzers, brighteners and blushers, and generally obsessing over beauty, it would have to be that iconic California town, known as…Fresno? Perhaps it’s the influence of Fresno’s five beauty schools, or maybe it’s that middle child syndrome of being located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but the ladies in Fresno are rushing to cosmetics stores more than anywhere else in the country.

InStyle asked FourSquare, the free mobile app that allows people to “check in” at businesses and post the information to their social media sites, to comb the date of its 15 million users and compile the numbers of check-ins at beauty stores. InStyle then focused on cities that had over 300,000 check-ins during the last year to make up a top 10 list.

And while flashy towns like Las Vegas and Atlantic City might be expected on the list, fourth place Champaign, IL — a college town that’s home to the University of Illinois — may be more surprising. It seems the ”fresh faced young co-eds” need a little more help freshening their faces these days.

A February survey showed that almost half of all American women feel unattractive without makeup, so it’s no surprise women do their best to try and beautify themselves.

Here is the full list of the most beauty-obsessed cities in the United States:

1. Fresno, California

2. Lubbock, Texas

3. Tulsa, Oklahoma

4. Champaign, Illinois

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

6. Atlantic City, New Jersey

7. San Francisco, California

8. New York City

9. Houston, Texas

10. Pensacola, Florida

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