I don't try on swimsuits.  By now, I know which ones look acceptable, and just buy them.  There are few things worse than going into a store and trying on a swimsuit.  First of all, don't stores know they would sell a lot more if they had good lighting and a 'good' mirror?

I was reading a survey done for ShopSmart.org, and apparently women worry the most about how their stomachs look when they're buying a swimsuit.
Other findings of the poll:

  • 45% of women say they have a hard time finding a bathing suit that fits properly.
  • 42% have regretted at least one swimsuit purchase.
  • About a third of women buy a new suit every year, paying an average of $47.
  • About half of women say it's fine to wear a bikini at any age; the other half say that at a certain age, you're just too old. The age limit: 48.
  • 50% of women expect to wear a one-piece suit the most often this summer.
  • A bikini is the least popular style overall, but the most popular style with women ages 18-34.

When I shop for a swimsuit, it's all about butt coverage.  What about you?  What is your 'problem' area?  If you don't have one, then, I kind of hate your face.

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