By now, you've more than likely seen the video.  Fox News personality Tucker Carlson was vacationing in Montana and decided to purchase some Fly Fishing supplies at Dan Bailey's Outdoor Company in Livingston.

What happened next really was beyond strange.

A guy, named Dan Bailey, who has nothing to do with Dan Bailey's Outdoor Company decided to go up to Tucker Carlson and tell him what he thought of the Fox News Host, his opinion was less than kind.  The video of the confrontation has gone viral and everyone and I mean EVERYONE has an opinion. It was such a big story that the store released a statement on the matter.

We posted the story on and on the XL Country Facebook page over the weekend and the reception was well mixed, to say the least. Going through the comments, some people love Carlson, some people hate him. Some people love the radio station, some people hate it. Some people are embarrassed by the exchange, others embrace it.

Do you see a trend here?

I believe we are living in a time that we're lacking civility and frankly, just good old fashioned manners. I personally think that's because of a couple of things.

One, 24-hour news channels that actually don't have 24 hours worth of news to report, so we get a little news and a whole lot of opinion.  Two, social media has allowed us to hide behind a screen and say mean things to others without any real threat of repercussions.

Protestors Call On Advertisers To Pull Their Ads From Fox News
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To his credit, and no matter your opinion of him, Carlson seemed to handle the confrontation with calmness and humor.  What happened after, well that's were it gets interesting. The media fallout continues and will, until we have something else to be outraged about and that should happen in 3...2...1.

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