As more and more Montanans embrace the whole "online" shopping experience, one of the things that we lose is customer service. I'm talking about the kind of experience where you walk into a place of business and there are real people and they wait on you. They answer your questions, they serve you with a smile, and heck, they might even know you by name.

That type of customer service seems to be much harder to find these days.

Gone are the days of "the customer is always right", or "your satisfaction is our guarantee", or are they?  According to many Montanans, there are still local Montana businesses that make sure that their customers come first.

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While we can't post every business that received high praise when it comes to great customer service, we decided to highlight a few that were mentioned over and over again. Check out the list below:

Town and Country Foods

Town and Country Foods has several locations across Montana and are all owned by the employees.  Town and Country does a wonderful job of taking care of its customers by offering some of the best customer services that you will find in the grocery business. From helpful employees, and wonderful delis, to actual real-life cashiers, it's easy to see why Montanans love Town and Country Foods.


Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply

Murdoch's is another Montana business that knows how to take care of its customers.  With multiple locations in Montana, as well as other states, Murdoch's is popular with locals and has even been mentioned on the top-rated Yellowstone television series more than once. For many, Murdoch's is one-stop shopping for ranch and home supplies.

Modern red barn with weather vanes and star.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a nationally known brand, but for many Montanans, their local Ace Hardware is an absolute must.  Locals mentioned the Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhatten, and Whitehall locations as businesses with the best customer service. Plus, in the case of the Bozeman location, it's one of the oldest businesses in town.

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The Western Cafe

This little cafe which is located on East Main in Bozeman is iconic. Generations of Bozemanites and Montanans have been going to the Western for the best of the best when it comes to great down-home Montana cooking. From famous to infamous, the list of folks that have broken bread at The Western is miles long. It remains one of the best examples of Montana.


Which Montana business do you think has the best customer service?  Is there a place that treats you like you're part of the family?  If so, we would love to hear about them so be sure to send us a message on our radio station app chat.

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