Almost all my friends read books.  Constantly.  They carry a book around with them, if they are in getting their oil changed, they are reading, going to a doctor or dentist appointment, they are reading.   I don't read books like I should.  I'm more of a magazine reader.  I found this  recent study though that says what you read reveals your personality. Here's what the study found:

  • Romantic Novels -- You're sensual and extremely intuitive. You're also optimistic and quick to bounce back from disappointments.
  • Biographies -- Inquisitive, cautious and ambitious, you investigate many options before making a decision.
  • Detective Books -- You enjoy mental challenges. An excellent problem solves, you'll tackle problems most people wouldn't touch.
  • Horror Stories -- Everyday life can be boring to you, so you seek excitement.
  • Science Fiction -- Highly imaginative and creative, you are fascinated by technology and like to plan for the future.
  • Westerns -- Extremely nostalgic and patriotic, you take pride in your self-reliance and go for the simple life.
  • The Bible -- Honest and hardworking, you respect authority and find it easy to forgive people.
  • Classics -- If you are well mannered, poised and gracious.
  • History Books -- You're a productive person who dislikes small talk. You'd rather spend time on a constructive project than a party.
  • Coffee Table Books -- If you prefer large, decorative books with color illustrations, you're an excellent host.
  • Poetry -- a lover of nature and animals, you often get in touch with your feelings.
  • Financial Magazines -- You are competitive and enjoy nothing more than outsmarting outer people.
  • Women's Magazines -- You are determined to be come "superwoman," striving for excellence in everything you do.
  • Fashion Magazines -- You are status conscious and you work hard to improve your social image.
  • Tabloids -- Compassionate and upbeat, you're an entertaining conversationalist with a ready supply of fascinating facts, which make you a bit hit in the office and at parties.
  • News Magazines and the Daily Newspaper -- If you like to read up on current events, you're a tough-minded realist who's receptive to new ideas.
  • Comic Books -- Fun loving and carefree, you refuse to take life too seriously.

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