Andy Cohen’s Seven-Figure Memoir
I absolutely love Andy Cohen!  Will you read his memoir??
Bravo host and behind-the-scenes executive Andy Cohen has signed a “low seven-figure” deal for his forthcoming memoir, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Are You Boring? Are You Fun-Loving & Carefree?
Almost all my friends read books.  Constantly.  They carry a book around with them, if they are in getting their oil changed, they are reading, going to a doctor or dentist appointment, they are reading.   I don't read books like I should.  I'm more of a magazine r…
Take That Journey
Ever thought of doing something crazy or adventurous but never really followed through? If one of your ideas involves traveling the country or part of it on a motorcycle, you must read this. Here we have three books that will explain exactly why you should stop pondering with the idea and get out an…