Yikes! Even the word tarantula sounds creepy! Ok, I'm going to do it. Amy offered me free tickets to the Eric Church concert if I would hold a tarantula in my hand for five minutes. So, despite my debilitating fear of spiders, we're going to do it the week of the Eric Church concert in Bozeman (March 23) on the XL Morning Show.

Now we need an arachnid! Anyone in the XL Nation have or know someone that would let us use their tarantula? And not just any tarantula. It needs to:

  • Be friendly
  • Enjoy being handled by people
  • Live life in the slow lane - a slow mover
  • Love country music
  • Like men in their 50s

If you have a tarantula (or know someone) that you would like to bring to the XL studios to help us out with this, please let us know. Just email me at Dave@XLcountry.com.

*Please note that no spiders will be hurt in the execution of this radio bit*


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