A missing hiker was found on Monday evening around 11 PM after days of searching continued to come up empty-handed.

Mathew Read had planned to hike the Huckleberry Lookout Trail in Glacier National Park, late last week. When Read's family had not heard from him, they contacted law enforcement who then contacted park rangers.

Read was last heard from on Friday the 5th of May when the family thinks he started his hike around noon that day.

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After days of searching and locating Read's vehicle at the beginning of the trailhead, authorities decided to bring in an aerial search hoping to pick up a sighting of Read.

Two Bear Air was in charge of the aerial search. Around 11 PM on Monday, May 8th, a thermal image showed up on Two Bear Airs' video. As you can see in the video below, they were able to able to locate 19-year-old Read and he was in stable condition.

Read was able to explain what had happened while on his hike. As Read was hiking, he fell into a drainage where the snow was up to his chest. At that time, he lost his shoes, his phone, and his water bottle.

Thankfully Read will be able to be reunited with his family and the outcome of the "missing man in Glacier National Park" has a happy ending

Keep in mind, when hiking, you should always try and have someone come with you, make sure you know the conditions of the trail, and keep as much communication as possible.

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