Today, October 11th marks Indigenous People. A day to remember the missing, murdered, and bring general awareness to the public about Indigenous People. For hundreds of years, indigenous people have felt as though when it comes to importance, they are last on the totem pole. And I can not help but agree with them. Click HERE to see the facts.

Missing indigenous women have a higher missing person rate than any other race, and how often do we hear about it? Not very. For example, in Montana alone, Native Americans make up about 7 percent of the population, but they account for about 26 percent of missing people. The murder rate of Native American Women is TEN TIMES HIGHER than the national average. An even scarier statistic is that 84% of Native American women will experience at least one form of violence in their lifetime. That is an insane percentage!

This is not just a Montana problem, it is a nationwide problem. Canada's rate of missing indigenous women is also extremely high. Canada facing some of the same issues as the United States, lack of funding, a lack of law enforcement help, and mainly, lack of media coverage. It is rare that a missing Native American Women will get the same media coverage as another missing woman of a different race. Why is this? Why does the media turn their head when a missing Native American woman goes missing?

How can you help make Missing Native Americans a priority? Volunteer to help with searches, post it all over social media and TALK ABOUT IT. Get the word out. Native American Women need our support just as much as any other missing woman. The statistics are here. They are proven. Indigenous Women need our help and so do their families.

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