They say you shouldn't judge somewhere based on just ONE experience, but apparently, that is exactly what the YouTube Channel "BabbleTop" did to our wonderful state—and nine other states.

BabbleTop recently came out with a video detailing the 10 states with the worst food in America. (I think they are being a bit dramatic). Anyone who comes to Bozeman, at least, always mentions how delicious and diverse the food options are. It seems that this video disregards that aspect of our state entirely.

Aside from Montana, what other states make the list for worst food? Here's the full list:

1. Alaska

2. Delaware

3. Texas

4. North Carolina

5. Maine

6. Montana

7. South Carolina

8. Noth Dakota

9. Maryland

10. Kansas

So what in the world did Montana do to make the top 10 states with the WORST food in America? Check it out below.


Ok, now that we know they picked on our one prized possession, Rocky Mountain Oysters, I guess I can see how they think we are strange when it comes to our food choices.

Photo by Leo Manjarrez on Unsplash
Photo by Leo Manjarrez on Unsplash

But, have they ever actually tried it? Doubtful! I was taught, "don't knock it 'til you try it," and "you have to take at least one bite." Do these old "table rules" still apply when it comes to the delicacy of a bull's prized jewels? Maybe.

If you haven't indulged in some of Montana's finest, you can head over to Stacy's and give them a try. To be fair, they don't look that bad after they have been deep-fried and served with a side of dipping sauce.


Who knows, this could become a family tradition for the holidays. Or you could pull the old trick and not tell your table guest what you have ordered. Just remember, karma is always ready.

Whether you decide to try them or not, the food in Montana as a whole shouldn't be judged based off this one dish. Montana has a lot to offer—in more than one way.

cc: BabbleTop, YouTube

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