Unofficial Networks found out Uber is changing up their service to also include rides up to your favorite ski spots and this is a game changer.

uberSki will connect riders with a vehilce that has all wheel drive and that is equipped with a ski/snowboard rack and will be the same price as an UberX or an UberXL.

You won't have to worry about gas, parking or your car making it up the hill, you can just worry about which runs you will be carving when you get up on the mountain.

The problem is they are debuting this service in 23 regions and Bozeman isn't one of them. This is a huge mistake. We have two world class mountains in range and there is no shortage of folks who are always looking for rides up to the mountain.

Get it together uberSKI! Hopefully, they will be adding Bozeman very soon.

For more info, check out Unofficial Networks.

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