Over the weekend my wife and I loaded up the dogs and headed out to Hyalite Reservoir.

We were looking for someplace beautiful and fun to relax and unwind after a week of moving and unpacking and several people told me "you have to check out Hyalite Reservoir".

Apparently, those people told several other people as well.

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend and several people took advantage.  We made the short, but breathtaking drive up to the reservoir only to find trouble finding a parking spot. Once we parked, we got the dogs and started to walk around.

The truth is, we didn't really know what to do or expect, so we kind of just stood there for a few minutes.

photo by Derek Wolf
photo by Derek Wolf

We decided to go on a hike, but Eugene (our 10-year-old Basset) met some folks that wanted to pet him and he decided he would rather do that than walk up a trail. So my wife took Fletcher (our 20 month old Black Mouth Cur) and headed up without us.

Once the nice people got tired of petting Eugene, we were heading up the trail only to see my wife and Fletcher heading down.  My wife was cold and didn't bring a hoodie, so that was kind of the end of our great outdoor adventure.

We did however get some beautiful pictures and came to the conclusion that the next time we might want to come on a weekday, oh and definitely bring some warmer clothes.

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