The new number of cases of COVID-19 was just released by the Gallatin City-County Health Department. As of 4:45 p.m. today (April 6, 2020) the total number of cases in the county stands at 118. That's only an increase of three from the day before and nine since Saturday.

There have been zero deaths from coronavirus here in Gallatin County, and two patients are currently hospitalized.

We decided to break down the numbers from the health department over the past seven days to see how we are tracking locally with COVID-19. Here's what we found:

March 31: 74 cases

April 1: 79 cases (+5)

April 2: 93 cases (+14)

April 3: 101 cases (+8)

April 4: 109 cases (+8)

April 5: 115 cases (+6)

April 6: 118 cases (+3)

As you can see, we've seen two consecutive days of decline on positive cases, and overall, really a pretty steady rate. Now, this could, of course, change tomorrow. They (the government) keep telling us that we're in for a bad two weeks, but here in Gallatin County, so far, we seem to be battling this virus efficiently.

Montana numbers right now sit at 319 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with six deaths. 6,985 tests have been given.

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