This is a great lesson on what not to do when you are visiting Yellowstone National Park and respecting wildlife.

A video has been making the rounds that were taken at the end of September in Yellowstone National Park of an older couple getting a little too close to the wildlife. The couple decides that because this hulking elk is closer to town they could approach it, well let's just say the elk let them know they aren't a petting zoo animal quickly. Watch the video below.

As you can see the male elk feels that his herd is being threatened by the tourists and does a bluff charge towards the couple. They are extremely lucky that the elk didn't fully charge them because those antlers can do some serious damage. There have been countless incidents of folks getting their cars dented by elk for getting too close to them during certain seasons.

The rules in Yellowstone National Park state you should stay at least 25 yards or more away from wildlife like deer, elk, and bison and then 100 yards or more with wildlife like wolves and bears. This is not only a rule but a general rule of thumb to remember while living in Montana period.

We live in a state where wildlife from elk, deer, and bears have been seen roaming the streets and we know that we should keep our distance from them to be safe. Hopefully, videos like this will help tourists realize that maybe Yellowstone National Park isn't a petting zoo and wildlife will protect itself if they feel threatened.

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