What started as a discussion on the XL Morning Show today about Alexa & Echo (Google's new product that turns on your lights and finds you music) turned into a talk about things that creep you out.

I have to say that I find some of this new technology more than a little freaky. So, it got me thinking, what actually does creep me out? Here's what I came up with:

Top 5 Things That Creep Dave Out

5 - Robots in our homes. It's just a little too space-age for me. What if the robot goes rogue and decides it doesn't like you? What if it comes in to watch you sleep at night? I'll pass and do my own dishes.

4 - Drones. There's something too artificial intelligence for me with drones. They seem to have a lurking quality that I don't like.

3 - 3D Printing. I don't understand it and don't want to. Some called us on the show and said their dad actually printed out some new retainers to wear rather than getting them from a dentist. A guy told me about this 4 years, ago and I thought he was crazy. Now. It's. Here!

2 - Driverless Vehicles: Yes, most people are bad drivers and a computer can probably do it better, but I guess I'm not ready to give up that control. It also creeps me out that computers are taking over everything.

1 - Spiders: Nothing, I don't think, will ever be creepier than something with 8 legs. And if there is, I don't want to see it or know about it. Spiders will always be at the top of my creepy list.

What creeps you out? Email me and let me know!

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