I told Ally it was like preparing for bringing home a new baby. We had to get the room ready. There was cleaning to be done, and a few things needed to be re-arranged so that it fit perfectly in its new room. And now, it's here! Not a baby, but my new desk from Black Timber Furniture Company.

Credit: Black Timber Furniture Company

On the XL Morning Show I've been talking for months about Black Timber Furniture Company and how they were building me a custom desk. And now that it's in my office, it's actually more solid and beautiful than I imagined it would be. I'm sitting at it right now writing my first blog post for the XL Country app, and it's my hope that I will be completing many books sitting at this same spot. I had a friend ask me if I would call it the Wooten Resolute Desk? Not sure about that, but as a writer, I've always wanted a western-looking, professional desk to work on my stories.

The desk is made out of reclaimed barn wood and put together by Todd Fullerton and his crew. Todd is a veteran and a MSU Alum, and he's been making quality pieces of handmade furniture now for over ten years. I'm excited that my desk will not only be  used by me, but something I'll be able to pass down to my son, and that will be in our family for generations. In fact, my son already loves the fact that the area at my feet is so large that he can sit down in there and play on his apps while I do my work. He's there right now.

Thank you, Todd! As a person who spends A LOT of time at my desk, this is like a professional photographer getting a new top of the line camera. I would also like to thank Kayla and Andrew, who delivered my new desk. Can they make doorways in new houses any smaller? You guys were awesome!

Credit: Dave Wooten

If you're looking for custom, handcrafted furniture, you should stop by the Black Timber Furniture showroom in Four Corners. It's the building with the big red roof behind the Korner Klub. You can look at some of the pieces they've already created or tell them what your idea is and let them take it from there. Most of their products are locally sourced, free of chemicals, and designed to be both functional and artistic.

I am over the moon excited about the desk Black Timber Furniture created for me!

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