With Valentines Day on our radar, we got to talking around the XL studio about Country love songs. Here's, what I think, are the Top 5 Country Love Songs of All-Time:

5) Me & You - Kenny Chesney. It was Kenny's first big hit and is still to this day one of his best songs. It was one of our wedding songs.

4) From Here to Eternity - Michael Peterson. I think this is the best wedding song of all-time! And I bet most people don't even know this song.

3) Love, Me - Colin Raye. One of the best Country story songs of all-time.

2) Amazed - Lonestar. Solid song with a great message. You cannot go wrong with this song on Valentines Day or at a wedding.

1) I Cross My Heart - George Strait. It's George Strait, enough said.