When it comes to ghosts and other paranormal activities, it seems folks either believe it or they don't.

For me, I'm a believer with some first-hand experience. I used to work at a radio station that was an old bank for decades before and on more than one occasion saw a "shadow-like figure" walking in and out of the old vault. The first couple of times that I witnessed this, I was more than a little alarmed, but over time, it was just something you would see from time to time.

Of course here in Bozeman, there are several places that are rumored to have paranormal activities.  In fact, there is a local group here in town that specializes in such activities and they're getting ready to celebrate a big milestone.

The Bozeman Paranormal Society is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. The group does paranormal investigations throughout the state of Montana, and with the rich history of the state, they stay pretty busy throughout the year.

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So what exactly does a paranormal investigation look like?

The group has some pretty cool equipment they use that picks up things like EVPs and EMFs. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. If you've ever been part of one of these investigations then you know they can be super cool AND a little creepy.

Of course, the group has a strong social media presence, in fact, you can like and follow their page on Facebook to get all the updates about past, present, and future investigations and a look at different tours that you can be a part of.

Last time we saw him.

Over the years, the Bozeman Paranormal Society has offered walking tours to the public, plus investigated some pretty historic places around Bozeman and Montana.  Locations include:

  • Rialto Theater
  • Sacajawea Hotel
  • Sunset Hills Cemetary
  • The Emerson

Once again, if you're someone that is interested in the paranormal, you will certainly want to follow Bozeman Paranormal Society on social media and check out some of their walking tours.

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