We're all aware of the high cost of housing here in Bozeman. It's a popular subject among the locals and the transplants as it appears for now, anyway, there isn't a whole lot of relief in sight.

With the median house price well over half a million dollars and apartments hard to find, the frustration is certainly real among Bozemanites.

However, what if money was no object?  What kind of home could you have then?  I'm glad you asked.

For 28 million dollars you could be the new owner of the Crazy Elk Ranch in Three Forks. I realize that is a hefty price tag, but it's an amazing home. For starters, there are 8 Bedrooms and 9 Baths, and over 9000 square feet on over 3700 acres and the views are breathtaking.

Oh, and there is a guest house as well. So, that's a bonus. I mean really for 28 million you're getting two homes, not just one. I think that removes a little bit of the sticker shock, right?

If you're wondering what the monthly payment would be on that, I'm glad you asked. According to zillow.com the estimated monthly payment on the Crazy Elk is a little over 120 thousand a month.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, that does include property taxes and homeowners insurance. Property taxes look to be about 19 thousand a month and the insurance will run you almost 10 thousand.  However, the good news, it doesn't look like there are any HOA fees, so that's certainly a plus!

Most of us will never ever know what it's like to have such wealth, but for those that do, my hat's off to you, I can't even imagine living in a place so grand.

It does make you wonder though, I wonder how much they would rent that guest house out for?

Credit: Zillow.com

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Located 30 miles from Bozeman, the Crazy Elk Ranch is a beautiful 8 bed, 9 bath masterpiece sitting on over 3700 acres. With stunning views from every direction, the main house is over 9 thousand square feet with a price tag of 28 million dollars.

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