Not only would this flight be immensely popular with locals here, but the airline that would carry the flight would become a favorite as well. 

So I am sitting here before all the snow hits Montana, and I am just thinking about all the warm, sunny trips I could take this winter or next year in 2022, and I was thinking about one flight, in particular, that would be an instant winner if added to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

The flight that should be added to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is a direct flight to Miami, Florida. You might be thinking, who would do a direct flight to Miami? Don't worry! I got that covered as well. This direct flight would be a great opportunity to add a new flight carrier, which would be their first location in Montana. That airline is Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines via Facebook
Spirit Airlines via Facebook

Spirit Airlines is a Miami-based budget airline that has destinations across the United States and has a few on the West Coast. Spirit Airlines has a great track record with low fares and friendly service, plus they have incredible connecting flights to locations in South America. 

Why Miami though? The Bozeman Airport has flights all over the United States, and we have a direct flight seasonally on JetBlue to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and that has been a pretty popular flight. 

So who not add a flight to a more popular Florida destination? Miami has several major sports teams, beautiful beaches, and a great culture. Folks here in the Gallatin Valley would love a chance to go to a sunny location on the other side of the United States for cheap during the winter or summer. 

Let's get it done Bozeman Airport

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