Montanans are the kings and queens of stepping it up when other Montanans need a helping hand. I have seen it since day one of being here and I continue to see it every day.

Every year parents struggle with different hardships, whether it is doctor's appointments, rent, or groceries, there is always something lingering on our minds. The last thing we want to do, as parents, is have our kids not get the necessities in life, that they need and deserve.


MNTTOUGH Fitness is hosting its Conquer Hunger event and we need YOU to help make it successful.

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Conquer Hunger will take place June 22nd, from 9 AM TO 11 AM, and will help create 8700 Healthy KidsPacks for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. How many meals will this ultimately provide? 40,000 meals for kids in our valley.

MTNTOUGH is needing 250 volunteers to make this day possible. This is the perfect time for you to give back to the community in a way that is much needed.


With school ending, there will be hundreds of kids throughout our community that will not have lunch available. This is where KidsPacks steps up and makes sure that doesn't happen. We don't need to have any child wonder whether they will get to have three meals today. We can help solve this hunger issue, one KidsPack at a time.

Ready to sign up to volunteer?

Call: 406 577 2165

You can help end child hunger right here in the valley, by becoming 1 of the 250 volunteers needed for this event.

9 Facts About Montana Food Stamps You Need To Know

In 2022, there were over 42 million United States residents using SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formally known as food stamps; Montana ranks 38th in the United States for SNAP participants.

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