One thing most of us love about Montana, is the fact that when we have a tradition, we carry it on for as long as we possibly can.

Unfortunately, there are times when we have to postpone or even cancel the event for unpredicted reasons. That is the case this year, for one of Montana's favorite winter traditions.

It was announced via their Facebook page that this year's Montana's Race To The Sky Event has been cancelled.

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Canva, Race To The Sky Official Facebook Page
Canva, Race To The Sky Official Facebook Page

The Montana Sled Board of Directors released the following statement:

It is with great disappointment that the Board has decided to cancel the 2024 Race to the Sky next month. The lack of snow, no base to build from, and predictions of no significant snow precipitation in the near forecast and above average temps were the reason for canceling the race. It is a difficult decision and was not made without much deliberation and consideration for the care and safety of the teams. This is only the third time in the Race to the Sky has been cancelled in its 38 year history. We thank all the volunteers, sponsors and teams for their support and look forward to you all joining us for the 2025 Race to the Sky. -via Facebook

The comments under the statement were all warm, heartfelt, and understanding. Knowing that the dogs that participate in the race would struggle and knew that for the health and safety of everyone involved, this was the right decision to make.

We are looking forward to 2025! Hopefully with a little more snow.

cc: Montana Race To The Sky

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