There are many Montana jobs that you would consider dangerous, but this is the the most dangerous.


Throughout the state, there are people working in coal mines, and others that come face to face with wild animals. There are many jobs in Montana that could be considered dangerous. recently posted a list of The Most Dangerous Jobs in All 50 States. In Washington, the most dangerous thing you can do for a living is work for the U.S. Postal Service. I'm curious to know why being a mail man or woman is so dangerous in Washington. Most likely it's because they get chased by dogs all the time.

Here in Montana, the most dangerous occupation is working in a sawmill. Citing Bureau of Labor and Statistics rates of on-the-job injuries, Zippia ranked each state according to its level of workplace danger. Working in a sawmill is considered the most dangerous job in Montana. In addition to that, Montana is the most dangerous to state to work in overall.

For a list of the most dangerous jobs in all 50 states, click here.

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