As of this writing, I have not been there yet but everyone else I know has. Have you ever heard of The Sassy Biscuit Company? You'll find it in Billings and's apparently worth an overnight if you don't live there. For those of us who take our breakfasts and brunches seriously, this joint is church.

Again, for full transparency, I haven't tried the food there yet. But I can't remember a restaurant of any kind where so many people I know have raved about it. They talk about more than just the food - they all bring up the vibe there, which has me determined to visit ASAP. I little overnight girls trip to Billings seems to be in order.

In a world gone mad, finding good breakfast joints is a treasured simple pleasure. Food brings people together. It creates community. And people love talking about good food. Hence, this article about a restaurant I haven't even been to yet. When so many friends buzz about it, you know you need to investigate.

My friends aren't the only people raving about The Sassy Biscuit Co. either. Check any of the online review hubs and you're likely to find tons of 5 stars or 'excellent' reviews. We did a quick look and found the following:

  • "Great attention to detail in décor, music and food. Not a lot of places in Billings are “working from the top of their intelligence.” There’s a lot of C average places to eat here. Sassy Biscuit always gets an A from me." (Trip Advisor)
  • "I absolutely LOVE the Sassy Biscuit. It's the place to be for brunch when you're downtown. The cardamom latte is my favorite whether iced or hot. The people in the front are super nice too." (Yelp!)
  • "This place is so good! The biscuits are to die for! The service is quick and kind and love the décor." (Yelp!)
  • "Their biscuits melt in your mouth light and crispy. Delicious “kick ass” cheese sauce made my day. Very good house sausage. Very good coffee." (Trip Advisor)
Sassy Biscuit Co 2 - SCB Facebook
Sassy Biscuit Co 2 - SCB Facebook
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It looks like they do special events like baking classes and special community events. Not very many restaurants ANYWHERE give classes on their art...sharing their best secrets with their clientele. Monthly specials, seasonal dishes, vegan options - they do that stuff too.

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