When it comes to living in Montana, it doesn't seem like there could really be a lot to stress ya out. I mean the weather is as predicated, it snows in the winter, rains in June, July is hot, and then we start all over again. It's not really shocking if you have lived here for a while or did your research before living here.


According to WalletHub, these two Montana towns are the most stressed in the state. And to be honest, I can understand why.

Missoula and Billings are considered the most stressed out.

Source: WalletHub
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Not only has housing prices put many families in financial turmoil, but drug use, crime, and population increases, have also contributed to these factors. I am actually surprised Bozeman didn't make the list.


I think we can all agree that the cost of living and the cost of everyday supplies has put a strain on almost all Montanan's. This includes extra demands coming in and our local food shelter, The Gallatin Valley Food Bank who are seeing higher numbers now than in the past years. Luckily with donations from the community and volunteers, we are able to help the families that need it.


The number of crimes being committed, whether violent or petty, are also staying consistent which attributes to the stress on residents throughout the state. Billing's has the largest population in the state, which statistically means there will be more crime and hardships reported.

I would say personally, living in Montana can be stressful, just like other states, but we do the best that we can to survive day to day

5 Businesses Montanans Wishes Would Come Back

As most know, Bozeman, Montana is a growing town/city. The population has almost doubled in the last few years, housing prices have skyrocketed, and businesses have either strived or suffered.

The one thing that Bozeman residents all say, is they miss the "old Bozeman". What they mean is they miss the small-town feel, the minimal traffic, and the affordable living. Along with those, there are a few businesses Bozemanites really wish would return.

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cc: WalletHub

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