Two men from Butte are facing the consequences of making terrible choices and getting caught is a great benefit for not only the town of Butte, but also for the state of Montana.

Drugs seem to be taking over many towns, big and small, in Montana, and we are sick of it.

Two men successfully ordered two industrial pill presses that were illegally imported from China, valued at over $6500, but when it reached a warehouse in Anaconda, the delivery destination, it was intercepted by the DEA. Apparently the intentions of the pill presses, was to produce kief, which is a highly potent form of marijuana.

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These specific pill presses have the ability to produce between 4500-6000 pills per hour. 


When the home of one of the two men was searched, authorities also recovered an array of different drugs along with other questionable items.

Items found during the search include:

  • psilocybin mushrooms
  • one kilogram of cocaine
  • large quantities of marijuana
  •  a money counter
  • several handguns and rifles
  • money bands
  • mannequin wearing body armor

Five days prior to the home search, one of the men used their mother's address and had ordered 50 kilograms of baby blue tabling mix from California.

Both men will be seeing punishments, one in the form of probation and a fine, the other will be seeing two years in prison followed by three years of supervised release.

This is a huge win for our state. The more drugs and drug dealers off the street means we can work on building back our communities that we love.

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