It seems that every few years there are new phrases or words that become very popular.

Growing up in the 80s', we had phrases like "Totally Awesome", "Totally Rad", and "Like, Totally". Nowadays we've become so lazy, that instead of actually saying the whole word we just started abbreviating them. Words such as deets, totes, and apps have replaced actual words like details, totally, and appetizers.

I started thinking that I was just being a grumpy old man and that maybe I was the only one that had an issue with annoying words and phrases, so I asked my fellow Montanans.  Turns out, I'm not alone.

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Below we have a list of words and phrases that Montanans say are not only annoying but need to go away for good.

a bossy businessman pointing and screaming.

"Hundred Percent"

Ugh, personally this one drives me nuts.

"My Baby Daddy"

This is another phrase that doesn't fly in Montana.


If you're going to use a word, you should probably pronounce it correctly.

Funny man is getting punch in face with fist.

"It's Been A Minute"

Has it? Really?

"The New Normal"

We can thank the worldwide pandemic for this annoying little phrase.

"YOLO (you only live once)"

You know it's bad when the phrase ends up on t-shirts and other merchandise.

Very emotional old man screams in grief on a gray background.


Short for Babe or Baby, it's just plain lazy and needs to go away.

"You Mad Bro?"

Yes, Yes I am.  Every time you use this phrase.

"We're Moving To Bozeman"

This one just makes me laugh.



So gross.

"Uh, I'm Aware"

Often said to as a response to a reminder, which then makes me think if you are aware, why hasn't the task been accomplished yet?

"So...I (we) Did A Thing"

This is just a term used by people that are fishing for attention.

I'm sure there are several others that you can think of that didn't make the Top 12.  So if the word or phrase that annoys you the most didn't make our list, be sure to let us know by sending a message by using the app chat on our station app.

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